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Just for Parents

Sun screen Alert :
To ensure your child's safety during school recess or outdoor play follow these tips:

1- Send your child to daycare with sunscreen. Make sure the sun protection factor (spf) is at least
15 and formulated especially for children.
2- Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before your child goes into the sun, and reapply it after every
11/2 to 2 hours of exposure.
3- Try to keep children out of the direct sun from 3:00p.m. when the sun can do the most
damage to the skin.

Allowing children to take pictures :
    Children have a great sense of adventure and what better way to let them explore, that to letthem take
photographs. There are many companies that make inexpensive point and shootcameras made especially
for children and these cameras produce very nice pictures. There is also the option of disposable cameras
as well. So let your child express his or her self through pictures and let the adventures begin.